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Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake Back in Town Next Week!

Justin Timberlake has to have a thing for Vegas, since his Nov. 28 show marks his fourth concert in the area on his current tour, which finishes up with 2 more Vegas shows in January (which will be filmed by acclaimed director Jonathan Demme for an approaching show documentary).

That’s a great deal of love for a single city on among the most significant pop tours of the year (and of in 2013, too), and Vegas has actually definitely returned the favor, with big crowds and a warm welcome for Timberlake at all of his shows.

So why is Las Vegas such a perfect suitable for Timberlake? Well, he’s an old-school showman with new-school sounds, and his shows combine big phenomenon with serious musical chops. That is as much Vegas as you can get.

From his days as one of five voices in ‘N Sync to his well-known early solo albums Warranted and FutureSex/LoveSounds to his current musical return with the two-part The 20/20 Experience cd cycle, Timberlake has grown from a fresh-faced pop star into a mature, major artist who still knows how to have fun and sing an appealing hook. And there’s no need to think that the vocalist behind “Cry Me a River,” “SexyBack,” “Suit & Tie” and a lots of other hits won’t continue to be his finest whenever he drops in exactly what appears like his brand-new favorite city.

Nov. 28, 8 p.m. MGM Grand
Tickets at 800.745.3000


two aces

Best Winning Hand Possible In 3-Card Poker?

You have actually most likely heard about professional poker gamers who frequently take house million-dollar reward pools. Even if you don’t spend every waking hour reading thick poker strategy guides filled with complex equations and tables of fractions, you can still stroll away with a cool million.

Caesars Palace is providing a 3 Card Poker “side bet” that’s too unbelievable to be disregarded: Combine your 3 cards with the dealership’s 3 cards to make a 6-card royal flush in diamonds … and go back home a millionaire. Sound hard? Inform that to the six players who have actually currently taken house the million-dollar reward.

Oh, and if you score a 6-card royal flush in a different suit, you won’t go away empty handed; you’ll take house $100,000. Not too shabby, best? (You can validate this non-shabbiness with the dozen gamers who’ve taken house the $100k prize.).

The variety of million-dollar winners will go up. Way up. Caesars properties have broadened the million-dollar side bet to other Vegas casino games. Ultimate Texas Hold ‘em, 4 Card Poker, Let it Ride – they’re all getting million-dollar boosts.

A Primer on the Guidelines and Gameplay

If you’ve never played 3 card poker, ultimate texas hold ‘em or let it trip, here’s fast rundown: The hand positions are the exact same as the hand rankings in ‘routine’ poker (a pair is great, 2 pair is better, three-of-a-kind is even much better, and so on), only in these games, you do not compete against other gamers; you compete versus the dealer. So you don’t need to worry about smart Vegas citizens grabbing your tough earned money. In the poker video games with the million-dollar side bets, the players all battle your house. So when the dealership has a horrible hand, everybody sitting around the table wins.

(Crucial exception: If you win the million-dollar prize, that’s on you. Expect the other gamers to be quite envious.)

If you’ve never played any of the casino games described in this story, you might want to begin with three card poker because the ideal technique for that game is super-easy to keep in mind: Play every 3-card hand that has a queen or better. Well, technically you’re expected to play Q-6-4 and better, however if you forget that, simply remember to look for a queen and go from there.

If you follow that policy and buy in with adequate chips, you’re going to have an excellent run at the least. And at the most, obviously, you’ll find yourself a million dollars richer.

Could you imagine? What would you do with that kind of money? You better start practicing!