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Looking for exciting things to do and great businesses within Las Vegas, NV? Fist City Media Xchange is a media, music and business blog with great info.

We’ve been traveling to Las Vegas once or twice a year since 2000 and enjoy each trip more than the last. We were asked about Las Vegas so frequently that we made an newsletter with links that we used to send to people. The more information we had to pass along, the more we needed a website. If you find something useful about your trip to Las Vegas, please let us know and we can add for future visitors to peruse.

What’s essential is hearing from you, and developing a location where the community of individuals who like Las Vegas can chat each other up, answer questions and share suggestions and snarky comments. Share our posts and photos if you enjoy them. Post ideas and questions.

If you know of an event that is coming up in Las Vegas that you think other visitors would find interesting, please pass that along to us also.

Thanks for coming, we hope you visit again soon!

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