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The Luxury Dog Hotel Craze Hits Las Vegas

Pets are a wonderful creatures and for many families they are pretty much part of the family. This is why some extra attention is typically given when the family or owner decides to go on a trip where little “Mud Puddle” can’t come along. No dollar is wasted when it comes to keeping your best friend calm and relaxed while you get business done. For the Las Vegas NV region, these hotels are a booming industry.

How do you know when something is becoming very popular? When a step-by-step guide on how to use the service gets published. A quick search will reveal several luxury dog hotels that can give the Hilton a run for its money. Dogs are literally treated with royalty and will most likely dread the return home.

For the citizens of Nevada it’s a trend that has taken off like a house on fire. From dog owners that only need a couple of hours to handle their business to owners who go on holiday, everyone that can afford it pretty much do it. So what is it exactly that makes the doggy hotel industry so alluring?

Conventional Kennels

Let’s look at more conventional kennels first shall we? There is nothing wrong with them and they serve the purpose they advertise. However, doing a little research about the kennel first is advised. But generally speaking, the owner of the dog knows that Mud Puddle has a safe place to sleep and food in his belly. The best part for some owners is that this service is usually very affordable. The options are substantially less, but you know you’re coming back to a puppy with four limbs and a wagging tale.

Luxury Dog Hotels

On the other side of the spectrum we have the luxury hotels like Luxe. Now if biological studies are accurate, your dog smells and hears better than you do, which mean they will most likely enjoy the experience. But how nice can these luxury hotels be you might ask, especially if Mud Puddle starts barking at you the moment you go to retrieve him and take him back to your backyard?

Meal Plan Options and Play Areas

gourmet dog foodFor starters, these dog hotels have several meal plan options. If your dog is a vegan, no problem. Does Mud Puddle prefer steak over eggplant? Even better. They only get served the best dishes a dog can ask for. Then there are the play areas. There are indoor and outdoor play areas where they can interact with other dogs, or they can spend time alone in their private rooms. Are the reasons for the popularity of this industry getting clearer? Let’s continue then.

24/7 Vet Service

They have access to a vet 24 hours a day and their rooms run under climate control. If you expect to find a doggy basket inside that room then think again. There are king sized beds waiting for your best friend. Did I mention that the hotels play soothing music during their stay? Well they do that too.

Standard Quality to Luxury Available

To top everything off, they get rewarded with fresh and tasty doggy treats and only drink bottled water. These hotels typically offer several packages, which will range from standard quality to more expensive rooms and treatment. Make no mistake; the standard quality package still blows your neighborhood kennel out of the water.

People Love Their Dogs

Why are people making all this fuss about their dogs? The truth is that the good people of Las Vegas NV are realizing more and more how important dogs are to society. In fact, they play a vital role in so many areas; we can’t imagine a world without them. But strangely enough we hardly ever give them what they deserve. It’s the animal that will love its owner more than owners love themselves, regardless of money or power.

Without even going in to details about the supportive role they play to disabled people, the bottom line is that these hotels are just what they need. Old Mud Puddle will love you till the day he dies and the least you can do is return the favor. You do run the risk of coming back to a dog that won’t leave the hotel voluntarily, but be honest, would you leave peacefully?

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Have You Thought Of Bringing Your Dog With You?

So I headed out of town this past weekend (and will be again for the coming Thanksgiving weekend) so I boarded my Labradoodle while I was away.

What I really wanted.  *sigh*

What I really wanted. *sigh*

Or let me change that a bit. It’s my wife’s Labradoodle. I wanted something manly, like a Rottie or a even a Shepherd, but the wife wanted the fuzzy, energy filled guy we got. I’ll say that it’s her fault we have him, yet he’s a pretty cool customer at any rate.

Boarding Your Dog? Think Again

If you’ve never been a resident of Vegas, one thing you’d find if you did live here is if you are in any way a business owner, you are constantly wondering how you can cater to the constant flow of visitors we get here. Such was my thought after dropping off Chuck at the boarder. I know many people come to the city for a week or weekend away from the daily grind and do as I do with their pets.

Here was my thought: I should have brought my dog with me, and so should you.

I mean, c’mon. How can you not love these guys

Bring Man’s Best Friend Along

Whenever we leave town, the natural thought is to leave the dog behind in the city you live in. However, how great would it have been to bring my dog with me, have him stay in the kennel in San Diego instead so I could take him in the evenings for the walks we enjoy together? I had room for him in the SUV to bring him with me, but the relatives don’t really want him in the house (can’t blame them) – why didn’t I just bring him along?

So that’s what I’m planning on doing this weekend for thanksgiving. I’m going to bring Chuck with me. Yes, he’s not the Rottie I wanted but he is my Labradoodle, and I plan on spending time with him too. And if you’re on your way here to Vegas any time soon, can I recommend to you my dog daycare facility, L.V. Dog Hotel?

This weekend, you never know, I may just have Thanksgiving dinner with Chuck instead. Sometimes he’s better company than relatives…