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Make Your Las Vegas Business Stand Out With These Unique Business Card Tips

Las Vegas is at the top of the world’s list for desirable destinations for both leisure and business travel. If you want to attract potential new customers’ attention, you will have to give them something to remember you by. Do your business cards reflect the Las Vegas flair?

Your business cards are your “second opportunity to make a fantastic first impression” so why not let them stand out? It’s your most effective marketing tool. Many businesses stick with the usual boring format, but of course you want more than that, especially doing business in a place like Las Vegas. If you want your business cards to be treasured and not tossed, read the following tips on how to give your business cards that “it” factor, without overdoing it  or go to LinxPrint.

Make Sure Your Business Stands Out With Unique Las Vegas Business Cards

  • Give your cards a quality appearance by upgrading to heavy stock
  • Do your homework to discover exclusive designs, dare to be different.
  • Adding a QR Code to your business card will give people the opportunity to scan it and connect to your website, blog, Facebook page, LinkedIn account, and more!
  • Make use of striking colors that attract attention. Whether you go brighter or darker, your cards are sure to stand out.
  • Check for any spelling errors before printing. 500 cards with misspelled words won’t do you any good.
  • Up The Ante And Try These Business Card Ideas
  • Try a vertical format. According to research this format stands out the most.
  • Put your picture on your cards. This will give your business a face and make them more personal.
  • Instead of flat print, add texture to your cards with thermography imprint.
  • Try a unique size. Most businesses go with the usual 2″ x 3.5″ size. Try chubby, skinny, or square cards, or create your own customized shape.
  • Try rounded corners

How to Make your Business Cards Work for you

Business Cards SampleOnce you begin printing unique business cards, your business will become more competitive because anyone who has your cards will look at you differently. Doing business in a city like Las Vegas requires thinking outside the box. Here it is, just remember to keep your cards looking professional and let your business cards work for you.