las vegas strip


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Gregory Price
[email protected]

Greg visited vegas with his family when he was younger and has loved it ever since. He is the head honcho and main curator at Fist City Media Xchange. He hopes to share his and others wonderful experiences from this fabulous city (which is not just for adults anymore).

Christopher Lewis
[email protected]

After attending and completing a Graduate Minor degree in Business Administration at the University of Nevada, Reno in 2002, Chris has jumped head first into the Las Vegas business world with a focus on preserving the environment and sustainability. Over the years he has seen many business grow from nothing into big companies and made contacts with some of the top business leaders in Las Vegas. Since 2009 Chris has been head of the 2nd District Las Vegas Commerce Sustainability Committee and is dedicated to supporting businesses with great potential and ones that are productive additions to Las Vegas’s Growth. This is why he is our main business guru, promoting the best Las Vegas has to offer! Beyond this, Chris has been involved in various other activities and sports clubs. Feel free to email for any questions comments or concerns or challenge me to some one on one!

Tanya Keil
[email protected]

When she was young, Tanya began exploring the surroundings and has since developed a great appreciation for the unique landscapes of Southern Nevada. She has been heavily involved in business and as a community leader throughout her career and 16+ years living in Las Vegas. After attending UNLV for creative writing and new media courses, she went on to become an all out media rockstar and graphic designer. Tanya is our public relations person here at Fist City.

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